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Give yourself some credit!

One book, two books, three books, and before we knew it, just like that the largest library in Alexandria was built. Good habits take two things - consistency and patience. This is the same principle that we use in our daily lives. Whether it is building a hobby or building a credit score. At Gauss we are obsessed with building good habits, especially when it comes to money. It is important to us that you aren’t afraid of your credit, that you know how to manage your money so that you can live your best life yet.

Today we introduce you to the more rewarding benefits of being a member of the Gauss community. Every time you pay your credit cards on time, you get rewarded with Gauss coins. These coins can be used on extending grace periods on cards, converting balances into 0% APR installments, reducing APR on carry over balances, and even cashbacks! There are no fees and setting up your account takes just under 10 minutes.

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About Gauss
Gauss is an automated $0 fee protection from high interest charges on credit cards. It helps you move your high APR balances from your credit cards to a low APR credit line with Gauss whenever high interest charges are about to hit your cards. Think of Gauss as your personal money assistant that helps you get the most out of your credit cards.
June, 22 / 2022
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